Bridal Relaxation & Last Minute Wedding Beauty Tips, Yes Please!

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Inhale, exhale and lets begin! Brides, we thought it was just about time to share some helpful relaxation tips and beauty regimes to get you prepared for your dusted rose petal walk down the aisle! Trust us, we know your calendar is full from 8am to 10pm, but pencil in one night for your personal glitz and glam session. With the pressure of looking your best on your wedding day, we have created some special tips to save you time. From face masks to humidifiers, you will thank us in the end. Sit back, light your candle and hit the pamper button! Lets get started:

Step one

Turn off your phone or our favorite, hit the do not disturb button! As hard as this may be, it is for your own sanity. With the wedding day around the corner, there are a million and one things to still get done. Take a night in, remember your love for your fiancé and give yourself some YOU time! Don’t look at emails, social media or return calls. You need this!

Relaxation Time 

1. Draw a bath and light a candle: Pick out your favorite bath bomb, light your favorite scented candle, turn on some music and relax. You will be thanking yourself.

2. Take out your humidifier or head over to amazon for a quick delivery! Whether you are looking for sleep, relaxation, or getting rid of that pesky cold- essential oils are here to do you justice. We recommend the lavender for a good night sleep and deep relaxation.

3. Pick out a good book or podcast to listen to. This will de-clutter your mind from wedding details and force you to think about a different topic.

4. Get a good night’s sleep! Wash your sheets, put on your silk sleeping eye mask, and catch those z’s to get a good night of rest.

5. It is important to carry out simple relaxation steps in your daily life, especially during the stressful time of wedding planning. Try looking into a packaged yoga deal to relieve some stress and reduce the build up. Great options such a candle light yoga or maybe just try a simple yoga stretch.

Beauty Hacks

1.  Get out your go-to coconut oil and lets get crazy! As you probably have heard by now, coconut oil is magic. You can use a small handful to put in your hair for softer and less damaged ends. Or try to it as a moisturizer for  your body when you get out of the shower or bath!

2.  Drink lots of water! This is the best way to flush your body and filter out toxins for fresh, clear skin.

3.  Throw on your favorite hydrating mask for your at-home spa night, while you turn on some Netflix or read your favorite book. This is the perfect way to get your face to have that glowing look for your big night!

4. Whiten those teeth! Your happiest day is upon you and we want your smile to sparkle. There are at home techniques that are very effective such as charcoal, whitening strips, or even just toothpaste with added whitening.  For a faster route, check with your dentist for their preferred whitening procedure! 

5. Get your skin prepped and ready for the big day! Try to get on a nightly skin routine and a weekly facial exfoliant.  Smooth out your skin tone and apply a serum or oil to get your face feeling soft and plumped.

Whether you have already started your own form of wedding beauty tips or needed some advice, remember to give yourself some you time to relax a little and get prepared for your wedding day!

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