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With seven shorts days until you finally say the words “I do,” the major plans have been well established. The big details are taken care of, but it’s the little ones we tend to forget. There is nothing worse than enjoying the most magical night of your life and then realizing you didn’t pack all your essentials for your honeymoon suite. Don’t worry, we have gathered the last minute to-do’s for you!

Pack Your Bags:  This is one of those tasks that you definitely don’t want to leave until the last minute. Remember the times you thought you would just wake up early and get it all together? We all know this is when you forget your toothbrush, only bring the top to your bikini, and end up regretting it the second you leave the house. Write a checklist, carefully lay all your items out, and if you’re like us, try everything on to make sure it still looks perfect! Then zip up those bags and breathe a sigh of relief. Don’t forget that night-of wedding lingerie that your girls specially picked out for you, eye makeup remover (trust us!), and possibly your passport if you are headed straight to your honeymoon!

Re-check Your Beauty Appointments: Call your nail salon, hair salon and makeup artist to confirm your appointments both before the wedding, and one the wedding day. This is especially important for those nail and hair color appointments you schedule just a few days before the wedding. For wedding day hair and makeup appointments, be sure to share the  schedule with your bridesmaids and mom so they can arrive on time to get glammed up. AND, don’t forget to tell your photographer so they can snag some get ready pictures! (If you have a wedding planner, she’ll take care of a lot of these confirmations for you so you can relax!)

Check Your Alterations and Wedding Attire: Brides, have your dress steamed one last time and ready in the bag for the big day. Make sure you practice walking around in your shoes to break them in, maybe turn on your favorite song and try out a dance! We also recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes (sparkly Toms, flips flops, slippers – we’ve seen it all!) to stash under your chair at dinner for late-night dancing. Grooms, pick up your suit and do one final fitting. You don’t want to realize the morning-of that the dry cleaner left your pants out of the bag. Also confirm that you have your cufflinks, shoes, tie and shirt.

Read Vows Aloud: Practice reading your vows out loud to make sure they are prepared and that you feel confident. It’s nerve-wracking to recite vows in front of hundreds of people on your wedding day!

Make It Legal: Of course you can’t forget this step! You will need to go as a couple to get your marriage license. Remember to bring your ID’s, and definitely look up the marriage license fee and hours with the city to ensure you’re not showing up on a holiday or after-hours. We recommend also paying for a certified copy of a marriage license if you plan to change your name after the wedding. Ensure your marriage license gets to your officiant on the wedding day, as it must be signed by you, the officiant, and two witnesses to make it legal.

Communicate The Wedding Day Timeline: Be sure that your bridal party, groomsmen, family members and wedding planner are all on the same page as to how the schedule will run throughout the day. Ensure family members know what time to arrive for photos, Bridesmaids know when hair and makeup begins, and Groomsmen know this day is serious and they really do have to be dressed by a certain time! Having a timeline in place will cause less stress for you on the wedding day, because you will know that everyone is aware of where they need to be and when. (Helpful hint – creating the wedding day timeline is a huge part of what wedding planners do for you, so if you’re worried about the schedule on the wedding day, we highly recommend you meet with a planner).

Vendor Confirmations: Double and triple check that your vendors know the exact arrival time, start time, end time, and location for your wedding, and be sure to ask any last questions you may have. Let the vendors know of the venue specifications such as parking, loading areas, access to building, and prepare a contact (preferably not yourself or wedding party) that they can call for last minute questions. Over communicate with the vendors to ensure the band knows the playlist, your photographer knows the shot list, and you feel comfortable about everything being set in place. Don’t forget to prepare final payments for each vendor at the end of the night. (This is another area where a wedding planner is extremely helpful, as she will handle all these confirmations for you).

Post Wedding Escape Route: Whether your are fleeing to Bali or heading to your home, make sure to plan transportation for your next stop. If you are providing transportation for guests, make a specific pick up and drop off list with names, locations, and phone numbers.

Last, just remember to enjoy the day and everything will work out!

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