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Choosing your centerpieces and finding that perfect venue is fun, but one of the most special times in the planning process are your engagement photos. Its a time for you and your fiance to have fun, let loose and focus on each other. Once you’ve booked your amazing photographer it’s time to start thinking of unique locations for your engagement photos. Here are a few of our favorite unique ideas for  your engagement photos or next photo shoot. We hope these inspire you to come up with a few unique places of your own!

Nature: Here in Arizona we have a variety of natural surroundings, from the desert landscape of Tucson to the mountainous forests in Payson, and almost everything in between. Spend a day or two scouting out locations and asking friends if they have any ideas for a natural nature setting, you might be surprised what you are able to find.

Nature 2Left Photo: Diana Elizabeth Right Photo: Jared Platt Photography

Colorful Backdrops:  Make a wow statement with your backdrop. Consider a back drop with lots of color or some type of statement piece that is cohesive with the design of your wedding. Having a out of the box backdrop will really make your photos pop! For this idea, head to downtown and find a large mural on a wall or even a trip the children’s museum might be a great place to find those bright colors.

Left Photo: Bumble and Bloom Right Photo: Jason & Anna Photography

Favorite Hobby: Come up with something that you and your fiance enjoy doing together and utilize a venue that plays to that hobby as one of your locations for your engagement photos. If you and your fiancé enjoy baseball, head down to the stadium to take a few pictures of you in the stands or even running the bases. Have a love for carnivals or games? Head over to a put put range or local amusement park.

Jared Platt Photography & Kimberly Jarman  | Phoenix Wedding Planner
Left Photo: Jared Platt Photography Right Photo: Kimberly Jarman

Scale: What might not seem like the most romantic place, like under a bridge could actually be the perfect location for your photos. Having an out of the box location allows your photographer to play with different elements like scale and lighting, which makes for some amazing shots!

Left Photo: Mike Olbinski Right Photo: Session Nine Photography

Planes, Trains and Automobiles: There is something wildly romantic about travel, so why not use a way of transportation as your statement piece in your engagement photos?  There are endless possibilities with these props, and you even have the ability to add a theme to your photos that will reflect the design of your wedding.

Left Photo: Stephanie Fay Right Photo: Melissa Jill

Engagement photos should truly represent you and your fiances personality’s. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun and enjoy this time together!

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