Mexican Inspired Weddings l Inspirational Wedding Ideas

Just returning from my Mexican beach vacation, my mind has been focusing on everything sand, sun and colorful this week. As most wedding planners, I find inspiration in almost everything in life, and always look for ways to incorporate these inspirations into the look or feel of an event. This week, I have found many playful and colorful ideas for Mexican inspired weddings which can be incorporated into destination and beach weddings, or even a soiree at home. Here are just a few that I am loving right now.

The first step to designing your wedding or event look is starting with the decor, and then planning each detail to play off of and tie back to your overall look. These bright and festive designs will give your day a bright and fun feel.

Mexican Inspired Wedding Ideas

Images: Mexican Flags, Vibrant Birdcages, Bold Centerpiece, Mexican Poms

After deciding on what your wedding day or event will look like, it’s time to invite your guests. I love these vibrant, playful yet classy wedding invitations. These will have your guests expecting a fiesta!

Mexican Inspired Wedding Invitations

Images: Mexican Tile Design, Mexican Cut-out, Ceci Mexico Invite, Southwest Inspired, Mexican Flag Design

With most weddings or large events, it’s common to greet your guests with an escort card, so they know exactly where they will be sitting all night. Escort cards are yet another avenue to showcase your design and theme through smaller details. I’m loving these two escort card options as they are unexpected and fun way’s to direct your guests to their seat.

Mexican Inspired Wedding Escort Cards

Images: Mexican Tiles, Mexican Stars

Food is also a very important component that adds to your wedding day or event look. I always love when the food plays off the overall event theme, and when people have fun with it. Your guests are sure to love these options.

Mexican Inspired Weddings

Images: Rolled Tacos, Custom Margarita, Churros, Mini Patron & Tacos

As with most weddings, after dinner is finished it’s time for cake. Designing your cake with a bright and fun look will not only have your guests chatting, but will also play as another decor piece for your event.

Mexican Inspired Wedding Cakes

Images: Cake with Mexican Flower, Fiesta Cake, Watercolor Cake

As your wedding day or event comes to an end, it’s always nice to treat your guests to a small favor thanking them for their presence. How fun would it be to thank them with a custom miniature bottle of tequila or festive maracas? I’m sure these would be crowd favorites. Ole!

Mexican Inspired Wedding Favors

Images: Custom Tequila Bottle, Maracas

Whether you envision your wedding or next event as a Mexican fiesta or a romantic garden party, Outstanding Occasions is here to assist you through concept and event design, to execution. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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