Stylish Men’s Wedding Attire

For the men who want to add more style to their wedding day attire, here are a few accessories that I love.
1.  The VestThese vests are super stylish for a wedding and great for the guys in Arizona who dread wearing a jacket in the heat.
mens wedding vest

2.  The Shoes:  I think these boat shoes would add a fun pop of color into your wedding attire.
3.  The Hat:  Hello!!!  These straw fedoras scream cool!
boat shoes and wedding fedoras

4.  Pocket SquaresSport one of these pocket squares for your wedding.  I love the stripe and casual flair it adds.
5. Bow TiesTie on one of these colorful bow ties. You can even coordinate the ringbearer to match.
pocket squares and bow ties for weddings

Images: vests via J Crew, boat shoes, fedoras, and pocket squares via GQ, bow ties via the belle and the beau

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  1. These ideas are great!. A lot of the time the guys get looked over when it comes to style tips, so its nice to see that you ladies are giving us some! Those boat shoes are rock’n I want a pair in every color!

  2. Hi, I just have a quick question about guest men attire for wedding. My college buddy is getting married in Aug (Temp will be around 95!) . I’m not sure what to wear. Should I still wear a blazer despite of the heat or just a vest would be okay? I def dont wanna be seems improperly dressed but at the same time I dont wanna be dying cuz of the heat! Thanks

    1. Eugene,
      Well, it depends on what the rest of your outfit will consist of and what kind of wedding it is. If it is formal, you need to wear the blazer. If it is a little less formal, then a vest and bow tie would be awesome! Let us know what you choose!

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