Long Dramatic Wedding Tables

Lately, I’ve really been obsessing over tabletops and centerpieces.  And nothing has been more eye-catching to me than all the long, dramatically decorated tables I’ve been seeing! I love them. I absolutely love them. I love the idea of swapping out your 20 round tables for a few longer, more intimate tables.

Checkered Long Table

Imagine the awesome family-like atmosphere that your guests would feel.  Long tables allow guests to interact on a more personal level.  It’s all so “Thanksgiving” to me!

Long Table in Tent

Many brides may be concerned that your guests are going to hit knees. Well, unless you’ve invited Amare Stoudemire and the rest of the Phoenix Suns to your wedding, I think you’ll be okay.  And while your guests knees probably shouldn’t be of any concern, the thing you will want to think about is shoulder space. Make sure your guests will have enough room to eat and be comfortable, even if it means fitting less people at each table.

Elizabeth Messina's Wedding Long Tables

Using a long table, generally requires a lot more decor because of the length. However, there are so many different options that can be considered besides floral. I love the useof the paper flowers in this one, they re so pretty! And because the rectangular tables are much more out of the ordinary, it allows your centerpieces to make much more of a statement. Long tables can be fabulous outdoors or indoor (if your venue allows room for it).

Paper Flower Table

So what are your plans? Are you using round tables or rectangular one?

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