Wiley Valentine and Black Eiffel

For today’s Blog Love we are featuring two wonderful blogs! First up is Wiley Valentine. This paper design company out of Irvine, California is chock-full of beautiful ideas for any kind of printed materials you could ask for. Not only are the two girls who run it so cute, but their bio is just adorable! Both are totally inspired by their awesomely creative grandmas!

From Wiley Valentine

Make sure and check out their daily blog as well as their website that features tons of great designs.

Another blog that I love is Black Eiffel. Rachel says her blog is an eye full of her “favorite people, places, things and ideas” and that’s exactly what she gives you! Black Eiffel is always featuring lots of fun, off-beat designers and her blog is loaded with ideas for your space as well as some cool wedding and event ideas.

From Black Eiffel

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