Outstanding Occasions has expanded

We are back! Yes, WE. Although, it hasn’t officially been announced yet (and by officially, I mean by throwing a really fun party,) Outstanding Occasions is now owned by me AND the uber-talented, beautiful, kind-hearted and might I say, fabulous Jennifer Thinnes. Legally, Outstanding Occasions became co-owned by us back in September, but we have been so busy working on new projects, amazing events, and really cool marketing ideas that we haven’t had enough time to really “announce” it. Since time started to fly by, I couldn’t wait any longer.

It is a true honor to add Jennifer to our Outstanding Occasions team and more importantly, as my business partner. I know that all of you will like her as much as I do. She is so great! We will be working on some more projects this week, but we will be back next week to begin our weekly blogging extravaganza with fun ideas, new wedding photos and of course, you will get to learn more about Jennifer:)

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